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Do you have a clogged drain, sink, or toilet?

​Clogged drains are never fun to deal with. We try our best to make sure it's a quick fix and get your home running smoothly again. A simple clog may be something you can do yourself, but for more serious backups you need to call a licensed professional. 

​We have the tools and skills needed to fix any drain issues you may have. Whether your drains, sink, or toilet is backing up, we will get to your home quickly with a friendly technician that can help fix your issues.

​​This Month's ​Plumbing Specials:

​If You ​are having issues, We can fix your drains in no time

​Get Your Drains Cleared for Only $89.

$289 Value

​This month we have a special where​ you can get your drains unclogged today for only $89. This is a savings of $200. ​By accessing one of your clean-outs, we will run a 100' snake through your drains. This will ensure that we not only clear your current clog, but also remove debris in your main line that may cause future backups.

​​With our $89 drain clearing special, you can get your home plumbing running smoothly again with little money out of your pocket. Give us a call today to lock in this special price.

Receive A Free Camera Inspection with Any Clogged Drain Service.

$247 Value

For a limited time, we are offering a free camera inspection with any drain clearing service.

Unclogging your drains is only half of the battle. As a homeowner, you want to know why your drains backed up to begin with. It may be a more serious issue that needs to be addressed such as severe corrosion, root invasion, cracked pipes, grease build up, or other concerns that you will want to know about.

With a camera inspection, we can show you the integrity of your drains. You will get a detailed report with recorded footage. This normally costs $247. Yours FREE by calling today and mentioning this promotion.

​What Our Past Customers are Saying:

"Diamond House Plumbing has been AMAZING! They cleared our drain quickly and offered great customer service"

- Shea Alps (Riverside, Ca)


"I just bought a house and to my surprise I had drain issues within one month. My home warranty was no help. I called Diamond House Plumbing and they went above and beyond to help me with this situation." 

- ​Melisa Ayoub (San Bernadino, Ca)


"​I have a rental property and my renters were complaining about their drains backing up. I live 3 hours away and so I needed to call a plumber I could trust. I decided to call Diamond House and they were great at communicating with me what was going on" 

- ​Michael Stamper (Beaumont, Ca)


​"My drains are finally cleared! I've been dealing with slow draining issues for almost a year now. Another company I called was little help. Diamond House Plumbing went above and beyond to fix my issues. I recommend calling them first." 

- Joe Salice (Rancho Cucamunga, Ca)

​Ask About Our 1 Year No Stoppage Guarantee

​We guarantee your​ sewage will drain smoothly for up to one year on most of our clogged drain services. Get peace of mind knowing that your plumbing needs will be taken care of today ​as well as in the months and years to come.

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