Ahoy, Mateys! Step into the world of pirates and adventure at Buccaneer Cove, located within the scenic Castle Park in Riverside, California. This aquatic wonderland offers visitors a thrilling water park experience amidst a pirate-themed backdrop. Learn more here.

Pirate-Themed Water Park

Buccaneer Cove is a pirate-themed water park that spans over five acres, making it a perfect destination for families seeking fun and excitement. Its water slides, splash pads, and various water play structures make it a treasure trove of aquatic entertainment for all ages. Learn more about California Citrus: Riverside’s Zesty Legacy.

Attractions Galore

Visitors to Buccaneer Cove can plunge thrilling water slides like the Blackbeard’s Plunge and the Pirate’s Plunge, providing an adrenaline rush for adventure seekers. For the little buccaneers, there are interactive water play structures like the Pirate’s Fort, complete with water cannons and tipping buckets.

Safety First

The safety of visitors is a top priority at Buccaneer Cove. Trained lifeguards and vigilant staff ensure a secure and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the park follows strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols to keep the water pristine.

Affordable Fun

Buccaneer Cove offers affordable admission rates, making it an accessible and attractive option for families looking to beat the California heat while staying on budget.


Buccaneer Cove at Castle Park in Riverside, California, promises a swashbuckling adventure in a pirate-themed water park. With thrilling rides, interactive play areas, and a commitment to safety, it’s the perfect destination for a day of family-friendly fun.