The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center in Riverside, CA, offers a unique and educational experience that allows visitors to delve into the fascinating world of paleontology, geology, and outdoor exploration. More facts can be seen here.

Diverse Exhibits and Collections

The center boasts an array of exhibits that showcase fossils, minerals, and artifacts from various geological eras, providing insights into the Earth’s history and the ancient creatures that once roamed the region. See here for information about Mission Inn Museum: Exploring Riverside’s Historic Gem.

Educational Programs

The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center offers educational programs and workshops for all ages, allowing visitors to learn about geology, paleontology, and the natural sciences hands-on and engagingly.

Outdoor Adventure

The center features outdoor trails and gardens that highlight native plants, rock formations, and the unique geological features of the Jurupa Mountains, inviting visitors to embark on nature walks and explorations.

Family-Friendly Activities

The center provides activities that cater to families, including dinosaur-themed play areas, interactive exhibits, and opportunities for children to engage in creative learning.

Community Engagement

The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center serves as a hub for community engagement, hosting events, workshops, and programs that promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center in Riverside, CA, is a gateway to the wonders of Earth’s history and natural beauty. With its diverse exhibits, educational initiatives, outdoor adventure opportunities, and role in fostering community engagement, the center continues to be a valued destination where visitors of all ages can explore, learn, and connect with the fascinating world of paleontology and geology.