A Slow draining toilet turned out to be caused by severe root infestation for Moreno Valley Ca Resident

We received a call today from a resident in Moreno Valley Ca complaining about a slow draining toilet. When she first called she thought that it was nothing more than a simple clog. After being in this business for many years, we have found that most of the time there is no such thing as a simple clog.

Customers are usually surprised by the condition that their drains are in once we run a camera down a clogged drain. Most of the time you will find severe grease build up and some minor root invasion. A simple hydro jetting usually can clear this out and make your drain good as new.

Every now and then though we find some drains that have some serious issues. When we pulled off the clogged toilet for the customer here in Moreno Valley California, she was not expecting to see something like this to say the least.

The look on her face said it all. I mean, how would you react if you saw something like this come out of your toilet? She was first disgusted and very surprised and then that quickly turned to concern saying, “what does this mean and how do we fix it?”

Luckily here we were able clear out the roots and save her some money, but many times the roots are so bad that we have to put a liner in the drain or replace it all together.

All roots in the ground grow toward water. Any drains or supply lines that you have in your home have water running through them and so roots are always going to natural gravitate toward those areas. It takes many years, but once the roots break through a drain, they continue to grow at an accelerated rate.

It’s hard to believe how strong roots are and how much damage they can cause. Just think about your driveway when you have weeds and grass grow through the cracks in your concrete. Or when you see a sidewalk that is completely uplifted from a nearby tree. If they can grow through concrete, then you can guarantee they will grow through your plumbing at one point or another.

So, what are some ways that you can prevent something like this happening to your home?

We recommend that you get a camera inspection of your drains every 5 years. If something comes up in this inspection, then we can address it right away and prevent further damage. We also recommend that you get a hydro jetting service every 7 – 10 years. If your house is prone to root infestation, then you may have to get this service done every 3 – 7 years.

This may seem like a pain, but think about the stress that comes with having to jack hammer your foundation and replace the entire drain system of your home. Not only is this costly, you may find yourself having to stay in a hotel while the work is being done. This adds to the cost and to the frustration of what originally seemed nothing more than a clogged drain.

So next time you have a clogged or slow drain, don’t put Drano down it and think all your problems are just going to be flushed away. Call a licensed professional and get a proper camera inspection. This will ensure that your drains are free and clear for many years to come.